Will Turner is currently undertaking a two-year apprenticeship at BE Design as a junior BIM technician. As part of the apprenticeship, he is enrolled on a day release construction course at Lincoln College, meaning that as he is gaining a wealth of on the job experience whilst working towards formal qualifications.

Will said: “I decided to go along the apprenticeship route as I felt that gaining specific qualifications whilst having a secure, full-time job was a sensible option for someone starting out in their career. Our industry is continuously growing and offers so many exciting opportunities, so to understand more about these opportunities, I decided that undertaking an apprenticeship at a multi-disciplinary practice would be the best route for me.

“I hope that this path will not only lead to me securing formal qualifications, but will also lead me to becoming much more confident in my skills and knowledge about the wider industry.

“The best thing about my apprenticeship with BE Design is the amount of involvement I am allowed in real life projects. In many other companies, a first-year apprentice may not be given responsibilities beyond administrative tasks, but at BE Design I have responsibility to create drawings for very large and interesting projects – whilst being provided with the support and guidance I need to hone those skills.

“If anyone is unsure about whether to embark on an apprenticeship, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough – especially if you can undertake one here with us at BE Design. In contrast to opportunities on other paths, you are able to gain industry-specific qualifications whilst gaining experience directly applicable to your course. All of this feeds into you having a secure and stable future career – and you’re doing that all while having a full-time job too.”

We are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week this year by shining a light on those members of the BE Design family who joined us on as apprentices, or who have embarked on more formal education through the support of the wider team.

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