Sophie Hayes is currently undertaking an apprenticeship in construction and civil engineering at BE Design. The two-year course sees her spend four days of the week in the office and the remaining day at Lincoln College. Her day-to-day role sees her working with senior technicians to create drawings and models.

Sophie said: “I decided to do an apprenticeship because when I finished school I didn’t really like the idea of going to university. When I discovered you could achieve formal qualifications and work at the same time it was a bit of an obvious choice!

“I chose BE Design because there are a variety of directions and paths you can take with your apprenticeship here, allowing you to try different roles and see which is most suitable for you. Through these opportunities I’ve been able to discover the things that I’m really passionate about.

“I’d definitely recommend considering an apprenticeship. Not only can it offer you a great, relevant qualification, it also allows you to gain crucial experience that all employers look for. It also allows you to look further and move on to gain university qualifications if that’s what you decide is your next step.

“One of the best things about undertaking my apprenticeship with BE Design is the amount of support I have been given along the way. Plus, if there’s something I’ve struggled with from my college course I have plenty of people in the office I can come back and discuss it with – everyone is always so ready to help out.

“I’m hoping to continue to progress my skill level, and hope to move on to higher qualifications to continue my growth in the industry.”

We are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week this year by shining a light on those members of the BE Design family who joined us on as apprentices, or who have embarked on more formal education through the support of the wider team.

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