Since 2018, we have been responsible for 600,000m2 of real estate development across seven European countries, and from 2021 onwards we are developing and completing a further 900,000m2 of retail, commercial, datacentre and logistics units for household names across the EU. This would not have been possible without peace and unity in Europe.

This week, we are celebrating the 71st anniversary of Europe Day, when on the 9 May 1950 Robert Schuman published his plan for peace and unity across Europe. As we reflect on this important date, we’d also like to recognise how this historic day continues to influence European unity and inspires our work.

Unity within Europe and the freedom to cross borders, both literally and culturally, enables the European arm of our business to expand and grow.

We maintain close working relationships with our partners across multiple countries and pride ourselves on our appreciation of different cultures, skills, languages, and environments. In addition to our strong architectural and engineering credentials, our sustainability team is passionate about communicating the need to build better for the future to clients across the continent.

The pandemic has impacted our physical movement over the past year, but our strong relationships and track record of exceptional project delivery on the continent have seen this arm of our business continuing to hold strong and grow. We see clients returning to us for our in-house expertise time and again and recommending our services to others – ultimately seeing our European presence grow even further.

Our work with international clients includes site masterplanning, due diligence, and site acquisition advice, leading onto architectural and civil structural conceptual design, tender design and specifications, client support, and contractor monitoring to completion.

In order to realise these projects, we draw on the team’s wealth of technical skills, experience, language capabilities, and cultural awareness.

Remaining accessible to clients across the world is really important to us as a business – especially as the pandemic continues to limit physical travel. This is why we have made our website available in German and Spanish and will be expanding this further in the future.

If you are interested in speaking to us about our work in Europe and how we can help you with your development prospects, please get in touch via bryan.fish@www.bedesign-group.com or stephen.oakden@www.bedesign-group.com.