Architectural and engineering  design and BIM Coordination

O2, London

Project Details

The project itself is both extremely rewarding and exciting as we are enabling the unforgettable sensation of flying which awaits you at iFLY, a sensation that few people ever get to experience. This project will be the 4th UK  centres offering Indoor Skydiving, alongside Basingstoke, Manchester and Milton Keynes.

Having worked previously with iFLY at multiple locations within the UK, our team were extremely proud to have been selected to support them on their current scheme directly adjacent the prestigious O2 at Greenwich in London. Being able to provide a multi-disciplinary set of services, our team of specialists supported the project by providing Architectural, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and BIM services.


The teams unified approach, was to leverage Digital design and authoring technologies to maximise the potential which a multi-disciplinary offering could bring to the project. As a business, we are aligned to ISO 19650-2 requirements and naming Conventions for our projects. Our systems therefore were already in place to adopt and deliver compliant information which will support the lifecycle of the project.


Faced with two key complex coordination challenges of working both in an extremely tight area, whilst also being sympathetic to the interfaces with the O2 itself, which has to remain live and operational throughout. Being directly adjacent to the Thames River also presented further challenges for our Civil Engineering team, due to poor ground conditions as well as complex drainage and substructure requirements which are a necessity of the scheme itself. BE Designs experienced BIM Consultants were however well placed to collaborate and support the projects drive for achieving budget and programme. Working with iFLY, we have been able to support regional regeneration aspirations, creating further job opportunities for the local community, as well as further enhancing the areas appeal to the local community and visitors alike.